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Pandora Gold Beads involving game related had the

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2012 brought big changes to the entertainment landscape 2012 brought big changes to the entertainment landscape A canceled tv show with a devoted fan base comes back to normal.A cd changes its ending.A comic turns her personal tragedy into abrupt fame. Welcome to everything about online entertainment, where the reaction between fans and artists created a whole new dynamic in 2012.Ever evolving technology and the subcultures that grow up around it resulted in some of the year best stories on the web and social networks. There were the usual breathtaking fare that got millions of clicks until the next big thing happened from whitney houston death and the opening of the first games movie to walking dead thrills and the rise of honey boo boo. But other stories had deeper risks because they shined a spotlight on the interactive digital landscape.We selected 10 that caught our eye in 2012;Some focused on a celebrity or a psyche, others on websites online or trends. Key statistics: More than 1 billion views online. The end result: Psy takes the u.S by storm, acting on numerous tv shows and even getting"Match the press"Host chris are friends.Gregory to dance on live tv. The topic of"Gangnam sort"The best of life of those living in an upscale neighborhood in seoul had little relevance to audiences outside of south korea, but the song quickly became a global sensation anyway. (Psy's goofy little horse dance probably had a little related it).And"Star travel" Fans were able to instantly compare right after between the AmericanAnd Japanese versions of the"Star trek into night"Teaser when all were for purchase online, this video demonstrates that the actual web is rapidly blending pop cultures into one. Better:'Gangnam Style' exceeds 1 billion views online S.Korean rapper psy's 'gangnam style' is unstoppable 'gangnam style' by psy gets opera style treatmentthe website for crowd funded projects such as quests, albums and prospective products has been doing since 2009 but really came into its own this year.All 10 of its highest funded works Pandora Bracelets Australia Sale of art happened in 2012.Leading was the $10.2 million raised regarding that Pebble watch, A smartwatch designed to sync with an Android or iPhone that includes an easy to read e paper screen. Key betting: The three highest funded initiatives were:$10.2 million regarding that Pebble e paper watch, $8.6 million for the Ouya video gaming console and $3.9 million for the dvd and blu-Ray"Project perpetuity, What this lead to: On-Line computer games are the big winners, with seven of the top 10 Pandora Gold Beads involving game related innovation. Developers with high profiles in the net gaming world, instance chris roberts, the designer of the"Wing leader"Line, had the ability to bypass game publishing companies.As roberts noted on his blog,"Star resident, the main crowd funded video game in history, with just exceeding $7 million raised from 101, 000 some individuals, usually"Are less costly, be more artistically pure, in addition to the, most especially, be built for the real core audience not some corporate suit concerned about including all the casual gamers, Additionally:Kickstarter reveals its crowdfunding stats indie films find financial backers online through kickstartera short online film created for the nonprofit network invisible children to promote its crusade to bring ugandan cult and militia leader joseph kony to justice became an unlikely viral sensation, despite its grim theme. Key numbers: 18.3 million thoughts about Vimeo;94.7 million views online. The effect: The capture of kony became a cause clbre despite criticisms about the film's irregularities and simplifications, and the issue was embraced by political figures in washington and elsewhere.Kony, within the other hand, remains in particular.


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